Legend of Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer “Cocoly” --- Interview to Sun Rongjian, General Manager of Shouguang Zhitongdaohe Fertilizer Co., Ltd. (Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co., Ltd.)

Nov. 25, the 32nd National Plant Protection Congress was held, and more than 1000 enterprises participated in it. In this congress, the people paid much more attention to the granular water-soluble fertilizer, and this kind of fertilizer became one of the shocking points. Since Zhitongdaohe initiated this new category in 2013, the granular water-soluble fertilizer gradually turned to be a hot product operated by the distributors. Moreover, Cocoly company have concentrated on developing single item “Cocoly” over years, and it is widely acclaimed by customers in the markets at home and abroad at present. Thus, Sun Rongjian, General manager and the founder of Cocoly, summarized the achievement in a word: “There is a way for the people who are Zhitongdaohe”.

A dream of a child: good fertilizer is supplied to farmers

Mr.sun was an 8 year-old child that year, who should enjoy the favor of the parents. But in same year, his family suffered misfortune, and he would never remove this experience from his entire life. His father was severely wounded in the car accident. He was still unconscious when sending to hospital on the accident day. Later, he was rescued out of the danger by the effort of doctors, but still extremely weak, and advised to receive treatment in hospital for a long term. But------? Alas, the troublemaker escaped and disappeared. Poverty caught this poor family once again after the accident. Not only the farm work was delayed, but also a vast medical fee should be paid. You can imagine what a bad state of this family it is, but in order to make his father recovered, he had to go back to hospital for further treatment, without any solution else. Thus, his mother abandoned the farm work to stay in hospital to take care of the father, and the rest things of this family were left to his grandma. He could vaguely remember that his grandma was 73 years old at that time, covered with silvery hair.
This time was the busy season for fertilization. Grandma got busy since came back from the hospital. Collecting much farmyard manure and transporting it one by one to the field via a small handcart, how the aging body bear so much labor, Under the bad road condition, carrying such heavy farmyard manure, tumble happened without noticing, but the work should be continued after standing up. Grandma was clear in her mind that this is only the job she could do for her son. The Mr.Sun behind her asked while helping his grandma: “Grandma, why do we need to carry so much farmyard manure?” Grandma felt embarrassed and said to him: “Son, the crops will not give us good harvest without so much farmyard manure. We need to earn money to afford the treatment expense of your father.”
So Mr.Sun has his own target of life since that time. He swears to himself, he must develop a great fertilizer that the families as poor as him can afford, when growing up. 
The oath made in childhood has been accompanied by Mr.Sun growth. He chooses to do pioneering work with several partners instead of having a superior working environment after graduated from university. Because these people have the same goal and dream, the company is named Zhitongdaohe. The company was finally established on Sep. 11, 2009 after several twists and turns.
In the memory of Mr. Sun, at the beginning of establishment of Zhitongdaohe company, whole office of the company covers 9 square meters only, including a office table and a few of chairs. Notwithstanding the simple and crude office environment, Mr. Sun just thought about how to build his own enterprise culture at that time. He thinks that establishment of the company roots in dream and passion of the young and in Zhitongdaohe of four people. However, in order to change the situation of fertilizer industry now, innovation is always related, so he determined the core value of company to be “Team, Passion and Innovation”. Till now, the enterprise culture of Zhitongdaohe is frequently talked by the people over the industry.

An coincidence by a snail results in new product “Cocoly

In June 2010, The heavy rain dropped suddenly on a certain day. Mr.Sun wanted to open the windows to remove the muggy air out of the room, and 6 or 7 snails were creeping on the glass when opening the windows. He picked them off the glass, putting them into a beaker placed on test bed. He was so busy that the snails were forgotten. Till on duty in the next morning,  He was shocked, all the snails are dead. Mr.Sun felt guilty and buried the snails in conjunction with the element residue into the land under the plum tree in company which was dying. An elaborate funeral was performed for the snails. The miracle happens. Several days later, the plum tree dying became surprisingly flourish. Invisible green leafs seemingly contained infinite power inside.
After that, 30 snails Mr.Sun caught were directly taken into the authorized organization in Shandong Agricultural University for test! The results were obtained after a week. the snails secreted a sort of “Polymeric acid substance” which is able to improve the fertilizer efficiency of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium by 5 times after combined with the elements, and to change the roots from passive absorption to active balance absorption. This was definitely an excellent news for ZhiTongDaoHe of the day.
He saw the hope of product development after going through 4-year hard work, just because he came across the snails. Because the snails were “casually” buried under “a” “plum” tree, and these three words have the Chinese pronunciation “Qiaokeli”. So it is finally named as “Cocoly” in English, approved by all staffs in the company.
From that time on, Zhitongdaohe had given up the previous operation principle for many products included, and just concentrated on single item – Cocoly. This granular water-soluble fertilizer subverted the history that the water-soluble fertilizer is liquid or powder in the past, and initiated a new category – granular water-soluble fertilizer. Under the promotion with the full power of company, “Cocoly” is known well in the agricultural material industry and is favorablely received by the dealers and customers. Besides this, the company has also summarized her own professionally commercial promotion mode, leading the development of this new granular water-soluble fertilizer.

Heroes starting a business: “Big Dipper” writes a legend

A day in July, 2010, main forces of Zhitongdaohe dined together, and Shanghai World Exposition was held at that period. Everybody was proud of rise of China, and swore to jointly work hard for glory of this country and to create the brand which is the most influential. After the drinking has gone through three rounds, with a cool breeze blew through, Mr. Sun risen his head to the north. Big Dipper was resplendently hanging on the sky. He look around the people, and found that 7 main forces getting together are just corresponding to the Big Dipper. After that, these 7 people are called the Big Dipper of Zhitongdaohe. The Big Dipper is the core team of company. They are at their own positions for their own duty, struggling for fast development of company.

Road to rise: comprehensive sustainable development

Mr. Sun thought that, the products of Zhitongdaohe just followed the national policy when seeking for innovation. Because of some problems usually existing in China, such as excessive fertilization, unreasonable fertilization structure and others, when presenting the new “Cocoly” granular water-soluble fertilizer product at that time, it just focused on enhancing nutrient absorbing and using ratio, taking the road to high yielding, high performance, high quality, environment friendly and sustainable development, promoting crop yields increased, farmer’s income increased and ecological environment security, instead of blindly pursuing high content. 
Currently, Zhitongdaohe company has passed 5 national patents, and “Cocoly” is successively awarded “the Most Favorable Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer”, “Milestone Product Over China Vegetable Industry”, “China Good Fertilizer” and others.
While paying much attention to the market at home, Zhitongdaohe also follows the Belt and Road strategy. Cocoly company was established in 2015, to develop overseas market. At present, Cocoly is exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America etc.,  and the sales volume holds a good lead. The company was awarded as “China Agricultural Materials Industry Economic and Trade Policy Expert Consultation Committee Secretary-general Company” by the Ministry of Commerce.
Simultaneously, Zhitongdaohe also seeks for innovation in construction of marketing channel, to present the Dream Partners system. More and more customers become the Dream Partners, for joint development with the company. The company participates in decision-making in Dream Partners, and the Dream Partners participate in operation of the company. With sincere cooperation and joint management, truly Zhitongdaohe with the customers, to share the treasure.
The company also actively participates in the public welfare establishments. Through the “Joyful Ten-thousand Travel across China” activity jointly held with Agricultural Material Guidance Newspaper, the company made donation to low income farmers by donating high-quality granular water-soluble fertilizer, to get those farmers who are poor because of disaster and disease shake off poverty and become prosperous through work.
   The founder of granular water soluble fertilizer, Cocoly, does not appear accidentally, because Mr.Sun believes from the beginning that there is always return to pay. Cocoly is a turning point in the development history of ZhiTongDaoHe, and it greatly promotes the processes for Zhitongdaohe company listing, collectivizing development and going to the world. Just trust Cocoly, trust the power of the first person, and trust ZhiTongDaoHe, certain to bring a brighter future to everybody!


The owner of the largest farm appreciates cocoly fertilizer effect in Egypt

Time: 20th August,2017 
Address: Egypt
Picture description: Mr.Romany is the owner of the largest farm in Egypt, who is planting pomegranate, tomato, grape and other crops and is experienced in it. Meanwhile, he is experienced in using the fertilizer for years, so he has very high popularity and credibility in Egypt.
Compared to other traditional fertilizers, besides nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro elements, Cocoly is designedly added with biological and liquid nutrients that are comprehensively nutritive and highly used. Because of the sand land situation of Egypt, water and fertilizer are easily lost, but Cocoly just rightly solves this problem. Mr.Romany is interested in Cocoly, and immediately applies Cocoly to pomegranate, grape and other crops.
When we were having visit to his pomegranate farm, he told us that he is satisfied with the result of Cocoly so much. After applied with Cocoly by spraying, pomegranate trees grew more branches and new leaves. The most important thing is that the fruits of pomegranate expand fast, and are colored uniformly and beautifully. He told us that he was going to keep using Cocoly.

The garden type factory of Cocoly fertilizer company

Shouguang ZhiTongDaoHe Fertilizer Co.,Ltd. locates at the famous Chinese vegetable homeland-Shouguang,which is the professional manufacturer and service provider engaging in granular water soluble fertilizer, integrating research and development, production, importing & exporting and service in one with the aim of bringing the joy of Cocoly to farmers all over the world.
In the year of 2015, we established Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.to specialize in operating the international business of the Cocoly brand.

Next, we are leading you into the garden type factory of Cocoly.
This is the place where Cocoly was born. Every day, Cocoly is transported to the markets at home and abroad from here, for delivering harvest joy to the farmers over the world.

Cocoly is the pathfinder of granular water-soluble fertilizer. Its unique formula got national patent, and was designedly added with secret core composition – Polymeric acid content. Years before, the founder of Cocoly found that the secret of snail can bring the dying plum tree back to life, and finally obtain this core composition through snail by study. Till now, this composition still belongs to Cocoly, which is protected by the country.

7S management is strictly carried out in Cocoly factory, for rigorous and safe production and the details oriented. Everywhere just indicates culture and spirit of Cocoly.
Over years, Cocoly always adheres to independent R&D and production, and strictly manages to improve product quality, laying firm foundation and providing guarantee to development of branding. We are called the most reliable supplier and partner for cooperation by the customers.


Cocoly company participated in Shanghai CAC International Agricultural Fertilizer Exhibition

Cocoly company participated in Shanghai CAC International Agricultural Fertilizer Exhibition

In CAC exhibition, the customers from Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Jordan, South Korea, Egypt and other countries gathered at Cocoly’s stand, discussing about the trend and future prospect of granular water-soluble fertilizer.

Cocoly is the founder of the granular water-soluble fertilizer, and formula has applied for national patent, which is added with mysterious ingredient ZTDH-PAS that offers comprehensive nutrition scheme for crops, effectively solving the problems including low utilization rate and serious waste of traditional chemical fertilizer. However, Cocoly is appropriate to multiple application methods such as broadcast, trickle irrigation, sprinkling irrigation and so on, achieving the result to preserve moisture and fertility and regulate soil pH value. It is good for various kinds of soil environments and commercial crops.

Cocoly is well-known as the granular water-soluble fertilizer manufacturer, as well as the first granular water-soluble fertilizer enterprise participating in an exhibition. Its overseas brand Cocoly receives much attention from the customers over the world. 

Fast development of Cocoly attributes to concentration on a brand, striving to be professional and skilled. Brand name Cocoly has been successfully registered in more than 70 countries over the world. In the future, Cocoly will concentrate to brand development. To enhance added value apart from the product, to transform traditional trade cooperation mode, to provide Cocoly’s partner with the unique service mode and to co-create brand era is a correct way to build permanent win-win relationship.